Michigan Casino & Poker Rentals not only uses the highest caliber of tables, we also only hire the most professional and zealous casino dealers and staff. For example, Danielle, one of our top dealers, has been dealing for over 6 years and has managed over 15 tables at one time. She is very personable and is always getting guests enthusiastic about the game. All of our staff members are the most professional and experienced in their field. From bartenders and waiters, to DJs and showgirls, we know how to make your event exciting and memorable!

“My wedding was absolutely unforgettable. I was a bit skeptical about not having a traditional reception, but my husband really wanted to ‘go all out’ for our wedding, so we did. Our guests were definitely surprised, but could not stop telling us how much fun they were having and what a great idea it was.”

Maxine Adelman, private party

The Chicago Casino and Poker Rentals Difference

PA System Rentals


PA systems are great for both large and small parties. PA systems allow you to play your own music and become your own DJ! As a full-service event provider, we offer everything necessary for a perfect casino party.

At Michigan Casino & Poker Rentals, it is our mission to exceed your expectations. With everything we offer for a complete casino experience, we guarantee to leave you satisfied!

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